Friday, April 16, 2010

New Website Features!

My mom is visiting for a few days, and we have been brainstorming about some new helpful features related to the website.

First, we have organized all of the emails on our Peek In Our Inbox page by categories. So now, if you have a question about a specific subject, you can check out these topics: Success Stories, Cooking Questions, Weight Gain, Pregnancy, Medications, Strict Adherance, Dr.'s Opinions, College Life, Flare-ups, Starting the SCD, and Travel. We will be updating these pages regularly as we sort through past emails and answer new ones....check back regularly to increase your knowledge about the SCD!

Our second project is fun and exciting! We are launching a Facebook page this weekend. This location will provide real-time connections for all Fans of our website, and we hope that this will also help spread the word about the SCD. We'd love to see the SCD become a mainstream option for all sufferers of digestive diseases, and we hope that all of our Fans will help by passing the link on to their friends and family on Facebook.

On the Facebook page, we plan to host discussions relating to the diet, give opportunity to people to ask questions as well as connect with others also on the diet. I would like to build photo albums relating to the SCD and share some more about my daily life on the SCD through photos and updates. And when we have new features on the website, our Fans will be alerted and informed right away.


Anonymous said...

what great additions :) Looking forward to the facebook page!! Your website is such a great resource.

Raj said...

Hi Erin! I did a bit of a hunt on facebook, but can't find the page you've launched. How do I search for it?

Your website has been so motivational. I even have some of my non SCD friends in love with your endive appetizer! In fact - I've gotten such great response to my new SCD cooking I'm in the works of creating my own website - Check it out when you get a chance.