Saturday, October 25, 2008

Delicious Apple Pie

Do you ever have a craving for apple pie? One of our readers recently made a delicious addition to the Apple Pie Treat on our website, which makes the recipe into a legitimate Apple Pie without fiddling with a complicated crust! She sent it in to me last week, and I made it right away and loved it! I have to admit I made it three times in one week because it was just so delicious. It's quick, easy, and perfect for the fall season when you want to curl up and relax under a cozy blanket.

Here's what you do. Make the Apple Pie Treat from the website. Spoon it out of the pan onto a plate. Add about a Tablespoon of butter to the pan. On medium-low heat, melt the butter and then a handful or two of almond flour and stir together. Cook until golden brown and flip over. Drizzle some honey on top and cook for another minute or two. Pour the crumbled mixture over the Apple Pie Treat and enjoy. It is amazing.

Thank you for sending it in!

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Dennis Family said...

Hey, that sounds delicious!

Could you put a link to your Chrohn's website on your blog?