Sunday, November 9, 2008

Storing Almond Flour

This week I received a new supply of almond flour. I always order my almond flour 25 lbs. at a time, to save money per pound and on shipping.
In between taking care of my 14 month old, I took several days to ladel all of the almond flour into gallon-sized Ziplock bags. When this was accomplished, I packed it into the box it came in and put it all in the freezer. Now I know exactly where it is in the freezer, and can take out a bag to use on recipes and then return the bag to the freezer without a lot of to-do.

When I was first starting the diet, I hadn't thought of this yet and spent a lot of time scraping away at the frozen almond flour to get a few cups worth for each recipe! It's so much easier now - I can simply take a bag out a little while before I use it and let it thaw so it's easy to measure out.
Hopefully this is a tip you can befefit from!

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Ulrika said...

You're lucky to be able to order almond flour like that. I haven't found any way to do that (at least not yet). Haven't found anywhere to buy almonds in bulk at all. So for now I have to buy these little 100g bags and grind them up myself which means I limit myself to baking one batch of muffins/cake et.c. per week.

Love your site. Just wanted to say that again. :)