Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cooking Squash

Squash of all types has been on sale at Walmart and Sprout's in the past few weeks. It is about half the price of what it normally is, so for the first time I decided to buy a whole bunch at once and cook and freeze it. I bought Acorn, Butternut, and Spaghetti squash.

For the Acorn and Butternut squash, I boiled it for 30-60 minutes in a large pot, then let it cool and scraped out the flesh and put it in a strainer over a large bowl for several hours. I then froze it in quart-sized Ziplock bags.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, I know I will use a lot of it in Pecan Butternut Pie. Yum!
For the Spaghetti squash, I cut them in half length-wise, and baked them on a cookie sheet at 325 degrees for about 1/2 hour. When they were starting to brown a little I took them out, and let them cool. Then I forked out the flesh and put it into serving-sizes in Ziplock bags. Sometime soon I'll make some Marinara Sauce and freeze that as well, for some easy spaghetti dinners.
(Note: Spaghetti squash should be tried cautiously after symptoms have subsided because it can be hard to digest.)

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Kimberly said...

I LOVE squash! Butternut is my favorite right now. You're right about the spaghetti squash being harder to digest. I found out the hard way that I am unable to eat it right now. bummer:( I hadn't thought about buying and cooking a bunch of butternut or acorn to freeze. Excellent idea!